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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What size injectors does the PowerFlo 750 support?

A: Injector size should be based off of desired horsepower goals, truck uses, and tuning capabilities. Commanded main injection duration, or tuning, ultimately determines what size injetor a CP3 will support. Our PowerFlo750 will support our 100hp injector at 2600uS with no issue, resulting in over 750RWHP if your turbo will support that. Some people have seen over 800rwhp with shorter duration's and larger injectors on FPE 68mm turbo's and larger.

Q : What is Main Injection Duration?

A: Main Injection Duration is the amount of time that the injector is turned on or energized. Measured in micro-seconds (uS) it is sometimes referred to as pulse-width.

Q : What does a CP3 Pump do?

A: A common rail fuel system is most easily related to supply & demand. Commanded main injection duration, the demand, while the CP3 is the supply. The bigger the injector and/or longer the commanded duration, the higher the demand. CP3's are limited to what they can supply (Volume) based on displacment & RPM. As demand increases beyond the CP3's ability to supply, then fuel rail pressure starts to drop.

Q : What makes Fleece Performance turbos different than the other guys?

A: All of our turbos are machined and hand built in house start to finish. Our drop-in replacement line Duramax, 6.0 PS, and Cummins all feature exclusive Fleece Performance billet wheel technology you can’t get anywhere else!!

Q: Do you guys build engines and transmissions in house?

A: Yes, we build all of our Allison and Dodge 47/48’s in house using Suncoast parts. We also build all of our engines in house, from stock rebuilds to full out competition.

Q: What sets your EFI tuning apart from the others?

A: Our EFI tuning is custom tailored to your truck to suit your needs. Brayden Fleece tunes each truck himself. Also, we will modify the tune on your truck as needed for as long as you own the truck!

Q: Do you guys design and manufacture your own products?

A: Yes, we have a design and manufacturing team equipped to keep us at the forefront of the diesel performance industry.

Q: How long does it take to have a transmission built from start to finish?

A: Typically we like to have the truck 3 days to pull, build, reinstall, and put some miles on the transmission. All transmissions offer a one year warranty as well.

Q: Do you guys do any Ford work?

A: Yes, we do work on Fords even though most of our work is done on Dodge and GM products. Look for many exciting things for the 6.4 guys over the next year!

Q: What are some of the best upgrades to improve the longevity of the fuel system on my truck?

A: The two best things to do are: Install an AirDog fuel system to help provide fuel to your high pressure fuel pump and filter your fuel, as well as use a good fuel system additive!

Q: Do you guys have your own dyno in house?

A: Not in our shop, but our good friends at DC Dyno Services give us as much access as to the dyno as we need!

Q: What is your typical lead time to get a truck in the shop to have it worked on?

A: Typically we are scheduled one to two weeks out, but that may vary based on time of year. We always do our best to work with your timeline if possible.

Q: Do you guys keep all your products in stock?

A: Yes, we keep most everything in stock, if we don’t have it in stock it is typically ships in 3-4 days.

Q: Do you guys offer any Allison conversion parts?

A: At this time no we do not.

Q: Do you guys rebuild manual transmissions and transfer cases?

A: Not in house, but we offer a line of rebuilt manual transmissions and transfer cases from trusted sources.

Q: Is the TurboBrake still available?

A: No, we have discontinued it in an effort to incorporate it with tuning instead!